Coaches Corner
Picture Day Sat TBD Fall, 2019 Coach Team Time
Please register as a new coach for Fall2019 with new registration system, goto home page and follow process.
Coach Registration is an EVENT like Player registration.
This will be needed done every season.
We are Pennsylvania East. Lampeter-Strasburg Youth Soccer
This link is to be read before registering so you know how to upload clearances etc. READ THIS.
(back ground must be completed by ALL LSYS coaches every 5 years from when you last completed. This is now a state mandate for anyone over 18yrs. Laws & Clearances

Tournaments Link

LSYS contributes $ per travel team per season, and pays for Rec season-end tournaments.

or LSYS contributes $ total per travel team in Spring for State Cup.

For license education, use this link at EPYSA under coaching ed calendar to the left tabs.

LSYS, USSF Licensed Coaching Staff

Coach Year License
Adams, Cameron 2009 E state
Black, Kyle 2014, 2015 D state, NSCAA state
Black, Kelly 2014 E state
Bledsoe, Kevin 2010 E state
Cannon, Jen 2008 E state
Cook, Steve * E state
Craul, Ken 2002 E state
Dawson, Todd 2002 E state
Deckman, Ken 2001 D national
D'Imperio Mike 2008 E state
Di Pace, Nick 2012 E state
Doerr, Dave 2004 D national
Estevez, Ramon 2008 E state
Evans, Jeff 2001 D national
Gleason, Jeff 2008 E state
Graham, Darryl 2004 D national
Hill, Paul 2008 E state
Holsinger, Damond 2008 E state
Hostetter, John * D national
Houck, Jeff * D national
Knarr, Dustin 2009 E state
Mast, Karen 2008 E state
McComsey, Dean 2004 D national
O'Neil, Craig 2008 E state
Rice, Scott 2009 E state
Shue, Brad 2015 E state, NSCAA state
Snyder, James * NSCAA state
Sweger, Bob 2008 E state
Troop, John 2008 E state
Wilson, Dave 2008 E state
Winters, Cliff 2009 E state
Wise, Mike 2008 E state

Training DVD's are available for all LSYS coaches at no charge.

Drills and training manuals are available for U6, U8, U10, U12 (mandatory for use in U6/U8)
Contact any LSYS Board Member for information.
Training Aids

Print-n-Go Practice Plans and Drills (Great for on the run. A lot of good ideas here)
Best Soccer Coaching Practices (Tons of good information, by age group, that is many times overlooked)
Footy For Kids Website (For the new or experienced coach. UK site features terrific practice activities, insight on youth player development and more)