Travel Game Schedule -Spring2020

Lampeter-Strasburg Youth Soccer participates in a variety of Leagues and tournaments. The links below has information of each leagues rules, field directions, and season schedules. Please note the following links will open in a new browser window. Each teams schedule direct link can be found by clicking team name and coach below! Spring season runs March 28-June 8 approx.

TRAVEL TEAM (LANCO Travel League) SCHEDULE, use menu pulldowns to find team

Lanco Rules - York Rules - PAGS Rules Field directions in each scheduled game

L-S Pioneers 2011G U09Fd1 (7v7) Coach Jones, Deckman

L-S Pioneers 2011B U09Md1 (7v7) Coach Black

L-S Pioneers 2010G U10Fd1 (7v7) Coach Black, Steffy, Zander

L-S Pioneers 2010B U10Md1 (7v7) Coach Wilson, Wilson, Fantazzi

L-S Force 2009B U11Md1 (9v9) Coach Rimert, Denlinger

L-S United 2008G U12Fd1 (9v9) Coach Deckman, Strange

L-S United 2008B U12Md1 (9v9) Coach Hill, Echternach, McClune

L-S United 2005-06B U15Md1 (11v11) Coach Hill