Uniforms will be true to size (Wear Fall uniform for returning Spring players)

(order larger jersey if need be so it fits Fall and then for Spring).

DO NOT order uniforms in the Spring if you played IntramuralU6U8 or REC in the Fall.

Adidas Guide:

  • Small (YS) equal size 6-7 44-48″ 45-54 lbs
  • Medium (YM) equal size 8-10 49-54″ 55-73 lbs
  • Large (YL) equal size 12-14 55-60″ 74-100 lbs
  • YXL/AS equal size 18-20 61-70″ 100-130 lbs

All players will receive one uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) per year usually in the Fall. You will reuse in the Spring.

You will still have to give sizes in registration for Spring if you did not play Fall, its part of the registration form.

U5-6 coed receives a t-shirt for Fall season to wear in the Spring. If playing just Spring season, player will receive a new one then.